About Us

What is Mujeres Talk?

Mujeres Talk is an online, interdisciplinary, edited, and moderated forum for the circulation and discussion of original research, commentary, and creative work in brief and diverse formats such as essays (500-1500 words), multimedia presentations, and short video. We focus on Chicana, Latina. and Native American women’s work, however, we continue to welcome work from allies, and diverse racial and ethnic authors within and outside of these categories. As a forum, we host conversations on important topics and publish single-author or collaborative work. Though we publish under the sign of “Mujeres,” we invite authors of all genders to contribute to the project. All posts represent the views of individual authors. All submissions are reviewed by two members of the Editorial Board to ensure that they are appropriate for this venue, offer an original and interesting perspective, cite relevant research where necessary, and meet our length requirements.

Mujeres Talk also publishes simultaneous cross-posts with peer sites provided the essay, multimedia or creative work appears on both sites on the same day and both sites agree to note simultaneous publication.

Mujeres Talk publishes original work, written for our site, and occasionally republishes work relevant to our vision and goals from other online and print venues, always with permission.

Mujeres Talk currently posts new work online once or twice a month. We send notice of new work to our subscriber list (sign up!). Please see our “Archive” for past posts.

Mujeres Talk publishes work on a wide range of topics of interest to academics, community members, and the general public.

Mujeres Talk is governed collaboratively by an all-volunteer Editorial Board. Members include Lauren Araiza, Theresa Delgadillo, Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo, Sujey Vega, and Susy Zepeda. Please see the “Editors” page for information on our Editorial Board.

Mujeres Talk solicits submissions and accepts unsolicited submissions. Further information is on the “How to Submit” page. Authors may also contact Theresa Delgadillo or any of the Editors.

Mujeres Talk believes in providing a space for conversation, ideas, research, and creativity that may not have a home in print and other publications. We also want to direct readers to important and interesting print publications. We publish timely reflections, critiques or excerpts of research in progress to foster dialogue among women of color and our allies.

Mujeres Talk believes in the active role that community plays in the production and reception of ideas, and we encourage our readers to submit responses to published pieces. Our Editorial Board moderates comments on the site to avoid flaming and spamming. Please act with respect and consideration for each other in blog discussions. All comments are archived with essays to ensure future access by readers, writers, activists, and scholars.

Mujeres Talk subscribes to the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs or CC BY-NC-ND. Readers and users may download and share content from this site provided that they credit Mujeres Talk and authors. Readers may also cite content with proper attribution. Readers and users may not change, alter or modify any content from our site in re-use, or use content from our site for commercial purposes.